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weekend funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

well after celebrating my actual bday with my immediate family last thursday, its time to have fun with my friends!

i attended worship service at the hayward locale last monday since i knew i wont be able to make it on thursday at the sunnyvale locale service...kinna bummed since i wanted to worship at sunny on my bday...but its all good! i had tons of fun having dinner with my family...its been awhile, you know.

friday, i spent the whole day in sunnyvale hanging out while mahalina worked...i had my bday and friday off, cool huh? anyway, went shopping while she dealt with her patients...hehe...how neat is that? especially when its not my money! hahahaha! well after her work we headed to our locale's grand evangelical mission which turned out quite well actually. oh wait! i forgot to mention that we went everywhere to look for old navy stores that had this specific sweater that i saw at southland mall...southland didnt have my size so i searched everywhere for it...but failed. oh well! bleh! well after the GEM, went to couple of places then went home...her home. and caught some ZZZzzzzzz's

saturday...woe up really early to head out to santa cruz...beach fun with church friends! what an outting...the usual stuff...played in the water, ate, played volleyball, etc....and watched the sunset as we had our bonfire going. it was pretty cool. didnt get home until hella late! wow...then more party! haha ssssssssssshhhhhh!

anyway...one of the things that was hella cool is that my friend mac baked a cake for me for my bday. which is so sweet cuz he didnt know how to bake...but he did for me...and he was so excited to show his work to everyone, including me...too sweet, i almost cried. =)*

anyway...and of course, sunday....church! needless t say that im super-dooper tired. but hey, at least i know that my sleep would be awesome once my head hts the pillow when its time for bed. =P

well thats my weekend fun! i know it may sound boring to some...but oh freaking well! ta-tah for now!


OH WAIT!!!! i wanted to add that im finally getting baptized into church of christ this saturday! oh my goodness! after months of trials, tests, and persecutions i finally made it...going to be written in the book of life. wow...!
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