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so im sitting at home just waiting for my shipment. gosh! so anxious! still not here...ive been waiting since wednesday. well i just home from the city. my bio class had an excursion, California Academy of Sciences. the last time i was there was freshman year in high school. place looks at lot smaller now. iono why. anyway, im still sitting here waiting for the delivery! guess what im waiting for? dude, i got a dell! woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!! my mom's the bomb!

my moms been very supportive lately. shes helped me a lot when it involves school. like, a lot! since im trying to accomplish 2 things at once. ill be done with boston reed come february...and my med courses and pre-requisites for radiologic tech will still take awhile. but still, i can see why my mom has been the best. i mean crap! a brand new comp?! good thing her company has discount...otherwise she'd be spending about 2 g's for this. mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn....

i came across a little piece of paper in my drawer today...and it had something that ive written, i dont know when...but it moved me.

here it goes:

she was all i ever wanted. id never had my body react to anyone so instantly it was so natural and so easy. i pull away from her, and it hurts. the only way to stop the pain was to kiss her again. she was an addiction. i had already been on quite a downward spiral. "i am a creature in need..." its simple enough to keep going. she's afraid i dont want to know what would happenif i let her go. she sees me as deeply unpredictable. afraid that the depth of my passion carried a heavy price; that my rage is always close by and would one day swallow her whole.


~anyway. thats that! oh yeah, i showed my mom this girl in my lab class that looks so much like cameron diaz...she agrees as well! but i wasnt gonna be all gay and take a picture of her just to prove it to people! besides...i was too shy to ask. =P


i just found out about a fabulous new diet. it has two parts: first, you can only eat a baguette and can of sardines. second, you have to live in ethiopia. =P
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