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I'm back again, in this town, to find a girl that I use to know.
I bumped into a friend of mine and she told me where to go.
She said go right down to 56th Street and come left at the corner store.
It'll be a house on the other way hope she didn't move away.
I pray she's still around.
But somebody came to the door that I didn't know and I knew I had to let her go.
Is it over. All over.
I let a good girl get away.

How could I ever let here get away
Today is not a happy day
To many words that I had to say
Baby I miss you and I need your love
How could I ever let her get away
Today is not a happy day
It could have been our anniversary
I'll do anything to have you right here in my arms

Remember when we talked about all the things that we plan to do
Our wedding day, a house in the valley, and maybe a kid or two
We could of had it all baby
but some how it fell apart
I agree to take the blame, see i'm feeling so ashame, i never should of lied.
I'll give anything to see your pretty face again
Hold you, to feel you, heaven give me one more chance.

Only the possible
You need to turn back the hands of time
I'll do anything give anything
Just to make her mines
I can't live with out your love baby
I can't go on another day
Where did she go, I gotta know
I let a good girl get away, get away, get away


~ i dont know why i put that song there. i guess it just got to me cuz its so sad...ok call me weird, who cares? ~

ok bye.
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