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[2nd entry of the day]

i didnt think that id have such a crappy time at school today. but i did. im sitting here trying to look for songs that described my feelings right now. then i played 'separated' by avant. at first my emotions were playing along and felt it...until it got to the mean part. things arent that hardcore to have such harsh words in mind. so i kinna scratched that song. then more songs and more songs played and i cant seem to stumble any kind of song that expressed my feelings in particular. that one eclipse song 'days go by' played and i tried to compare...still to no avail...it got mean somewhere along the lines. and i realized. im not that bitter about this situation that im going through. just bummed, butt-hurt, i feel crummy, all bunched up. but needless to say...that i still feel like i would just never stop loving...ahem...her...

anyway, im here at my cousin pam's place. she invited me to sleep over and of course, im loving her company more and more now so i said sure. the coolest thing about this scenario is...shed be attending church with me tomorrow! isnt that dope?!!! well...i wouldnt think youd get it...but im so thrilled, is what im saying. well me and her are gonna play with her little baby brother now. so peace!
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