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why wont you understand? why wont you see? i am doing my best you know. things are fine, you just need to chill! you just need to trust me. i know i made a couple of mistakes since the last time that we made it right...but im sorry that im weak, im sorry...im still learning. but you gotta understand and accept that fact that things happen around me that i cant control. im not trying to get you mad, im not trying to fuck things up in regards to you and me. but other things in my life happens, and we cant stop that. you have to know that im not actually settled yet, and im still here making up for lost time to reach my goal. now that ive got my things together, i cant mess up now. please, just understand that i have to make things ok with the things that are important to me, and not just you and me.

i dont know how else i can explain myself. i really dont know what else to say. just trust me. im not out to hurt you...believe me, i want us to work more than anything in this world. you just gotta believe in me and what im trying to do.
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