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woooooh. i read my last 2 entries. i really seemed pretty pissed on the other one. wow! well iono how to recap on the one....and i really dont know what the results to that after venting out. but all i know is that my feelings havent changed. im not as pissed anymore..im actually not that mad anymore...but you know that bitter feeling...yeah, thats it. that feeling still lingers. anyway...my midterms are done. but its not like i get any rest from thinking too much cuz i dont...homework actually takes up more time than the actual time that i spend in school...which pretty much is alright by me. school will take me further in life. so im happy, though i have mild complaints...im cool...no problem here.

my relatives from union city are moving to manteca...thats bumming me out, cuz i know im going to miss my god-daughter so much...my wittle cousins are leaving their ate joy...its ok though, ill live. its not like im not going to be visiting them every now and then.

so anyway, im at the library in fremont now killing some time until i have to pick up my mom at fremont bart. it would be nice if i knew that she was going to be picked up i would be killing time here at the library..otherwise i woulda brought my book bag with me and done some school work...cuz i have another midterm this saturday...but its for my other school. (yeah, i go to 2 schools! rock on!) yeah i have mid term for my clinical medical assisting course...i really need to study hardcore! i really dont wanna do bad on the exam cuz my externship relies on that. *sigh*


....how much longer do i have to sit here! hmmmppphh...i wanted to attend church in hayward today so i could watch the kids at sunnyvale locale tomorrow during adult's worship service...i miss playing with the kids. but i guess not...since im still here killing time and by the time i get my mom it would be too late to get home, get ready..and head out to hayward locale...so i guess i would be worshipping at sunnyvale tomorrow and just forget about watching the kids...darn..

well at least i have half an hour to go...i can handle that..i think...anyway..i know im just blabbing my ass off cuz im just bored but oh well..i guess ill just browse or surf the net until i reach the end...like that one commercial...ha..ok ill shut up now...gawd i feel nerdy today.

hasta past
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