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i need a good laugh (second entry)

Sometimes after class, I can’t help but wander off before I catch the bus home. I tend to kill my time by walking around campus. I love doing it just because my campus has this relaxing environment. In the middle of mother nature. I don’t know...I guess it’s just me...

Sitting at the bus stop it’s become a habit of mine staring down looking at what odd things may be sitting on the ground. So I made an imaginary list in my head...


- gum and candy wrappers. (Pretty normal)
- dirty and stepped on flyers. (Again, normal)
- balled up papers, big and small. (Acceptable)
- fingernail clippings. (What the fuuuuhhh?!)
- beat up pencil. (That’s okay)
- pieces of gum dried up and stuck to the ground. (Someone needs to scrape them gross things off!)
- hair extension. (Oooohh hewwllll noooohhh!)

Alright I’ve seen it all! Now what ghetto Boungqueesha left her hurrrr that she had her baybeh daddy buy out here?!! Sistah needs to do her stitchings right next time! I ain’t even gonna say nothing anymore...

Okay enough ghettoness....can’t handle that stuff.

So anyway, some old friends from the past have been popping up like pimples lately. And like pimples...they pop out unexpectedly. Some I don’t mind...and some just makes me want to pop ‘em. Nah, I ain’t like that. But I guess it’s kind of nice hearing from them. But hey, pimples are pimples. A blast from the past is always cool...but in my case...when it comes to my past...who likes pimples?!! It’s all good though. I guess I make some feel weird about our get together because of how I’ve changed. Not drastically. But I guess the way I am now. Well-put-together I suppose. Hmmm...whatever...damn that. It’s really not that big of a deal.
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