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crescenteve's Journal

m!s$ uNdeRrSt0oD
22 August
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for me to know, and for you to find out...

amp, basketball, beaches, bedtime stories, cars, centipedes, church, clear sky, clouds, clubbing, cool pencils, crazy asses, cruising, cuddles, curve, dancing, deep conversations, doonkballs, eclipses, ej, erasers, fee-fee, food, funny people, girls, going out, hannah, her bootie, her cd's, her cheap shoes, her demo, her eyes, her goofiness, her hair, her kneepads, her panties, her pictures, her scrubs, her skirts, her smile, hiking, hugs, imac, inc, jellyfish, joshua, laptops, luly, magic tape, mahalina celi, matthew, mattresses, mountain dew, movies, music, my 1st/2nd/3rd family, my mommy, my silver metal box, old mustangs, our adidas, our brothers, our jerseys, our moms, our pumas, pho hoa, pillow talks, playing pretend, restaurants, saturns, school, scrubs, shooting range, signs, silly toys, snot, snowboarding, soulmate, starbucks, stars, stereo, stick shifts, tickles at night, tickles in the morning, tournaments, true friends, turtles, valley spring, velcro straps, volleyball, wal-mart, weirdos, wireless connections (linksys), xenedrine =p