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school. school. school.

wow. i survived the first week of school. expensive books and the commute, i thought that they would kick my ass real bad....but they didnt! HA! good for me!

well i spent hundreds of dollars just for books this semester. excluding school supplies and fare money. then you know, theres the food...the starbucks...cigarettes. hehe! but dont worry sinka! your money only went to the bookstore...not your most hated place...STARFUCKS!

then theres medical assisting course! well its a good thing that they provide the books, materials, and equipment. well, i did have to buy my own scrubs, shoes, and stethoscope. hey, but other than that...im all set.

well going to foothill college on weekdays and boston reed on saturdays...drains the shit outta me! oh well...no pain, no gain.

well breakfast is ready...sistah gotta eat you know! well see yah all later. take care..one love...

God bless
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